Discover Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort: Relaxed Luxury Amid the Dolomites


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Hotel Quelle in South Tyrol, Italy
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If you’ve forgotten what unspoiled natural beauty looks like, let Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort remind you. This 5-star treasure in the heart of the Alps offers an idyllic blend of adventure and relaxation unrivaled in the world.

We were in deep. A part of South Tyrol never explored before. Well, at least not by us. The excitement of encountering the unknown volted through our hearts. What treasures would we find in this land bejeweled with stone, pine and pasture?

We didn’t have to wait long to find out.

We navigated our way through a cluster of evergreens, their tall silhouettes like sentinels standing guard over the road. Suddenly, the forest parted, revealing a stark contrast of landscapes. To one side of the road, a gentle hillock adorned with a crown of lush green grass. Serene, tranquil, like a lullaby sung by Mother Nature herself.

But to the other side, there was a spectacle of an entirely different kind. Standing defiant amidst a dense copse of trees, a medieval watchtower rose, bearing the weathered, yet proud scars of centuries past. It was a monument to time, a stoic giant that seemed to whisper tales of yore into the cool mountain air.

Welsperg Castle in South Tyrol
Castel Monguelfo, also known as “Schloss Welsperg”, greeted us in all its glory on our way to Hotel Quelle.

Further up the hillside stood another tower — an even more time-worn relic in an eternal state of crumble. And beyond this enchanting vista, the sharp, rugged outlines of the Dolomites dominated the horizon, their majestic forms etched against the sky like a master artist’s final brush strokes.

Naturally, we brought our car to a halt, unable to resist the compelling urge to drink in the sight.

It was clear as crystal that falling head over heels for this unexplored corner of South Tyrol wouldn’t just be easy — it would be inevitable. That, we knew right off the bat. What we hadn’t anticipated, however, was how instantly this place would weave its charm around our hearts, making it feel uncannily like home.

South Tyrol’s Rustic Pearl

A view of Hotel Quelle beneath the Deferegg Alps
Hotel Quelle lies in a lush valley beneath the Deferegg Alps (Villgratner Mountains) near the border of Austria.

As we topped the castle hill and gently started our descent, a farm-peppered valley fanned out before our eyes. The trees that had been our constant companions along the road now found their homes along the slopes. Church spires pierced the sky here and there, rising above clusters of charming chalets.

It felt as if we’d been transported into the idyllic frame of a postcard. The unending canvas of rustic charm left no doubt: the Valle di Casies (Gseisertal) was an untouched rural gem, nestled in the bosom of South Tyrol. The anticipation of immersing ourselves in a few days of alpine magic at the acclaimed Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort only heightened as each moment unfolded.

Upon our arrival at the quaint village of Santa Maddalena, the sight of dozens of red and violet geraniums jostling in the breeze greeted us from the balconies of Hotel Quelle. They seemed to wave us in with a kind of botanical hospitality, bidding us to abandon the road and step into their world.

Admiring the exteiror of Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort
One of the many wonders of Hotel Quelle is that no matter where you are — whether lounging or exploring the grounds — the serene melody of babbling water is all around.

The captivating allure of Hotel Quelle didn’t end with its bloom-laden balconies. It spilled over into a landscape that whisked us back to a more innocent era. Among meticulously tended flower beds, a mountain creek hummed its gentle lullaby, its waters artfully coaxing a weather-worn mill wheel into a rhythmic dance.

Not too far off, a pair of vintage tractors posed with a certain nostalgic charisma, their vivid hues adding a dash of whimsy to the pastoral setting. Along the walkway, a wooden wayside shrine cradled by pink flowers offered its blessings to those who paused to admire its beauty.


A Warm Welcome

Woodcarved sculpture in Hotel Quelle in South Tyrol

Inside, the hotel’s warm embrace began before we even encountered a soul. At the foot of a spiral staircase leading to the reception area, we admired wood carvings of a man and woman arising from tree trunks reaching out for one another. Artful honeycombed lights hanging above radiated their form with a candlelight glow. Etchings of the word “Welcome” in various languages staggered up the stairwell wall.

Rich tones of Alpine wood wrapped around us at the top of the stairs. Every corner of the hotel exuded a mountain lodge ambiance with just the right touches of elegance. We loved it. Clearly, the boundless natural beauty of the valley inspired Hotel Quelle to create an equally gorgeous resort. 

We walked over to the front desk where Hotel Quelle’s manager, Manuel Steinmair, met us with a kind smile. He invited us to relax in a cozy lounge area while our luggage was brought to our room. Relaxing here was not going to be a problem. In the middle of the room under a luxuriant chandelier was a grand floral arrangement bursting with the colors of autumn. The wooing flames of a fireplace enticed us to sink deep into our chairs.

Walking the entrance of Hotel Quelle

The hotel’s maestro of bar-born gifts, Stefan, brought over a glass of Lagrein, a German pale lager and an early evening appetizer. While sipping and savoring, we browsed a daily guest newsletter given to us by Manuel.

On the cover was a quote: “Your mind believes what you tell it, so tell it positive things.” Do negative thoughts surface in such a charming place? We were already positively certain they do not, but appreciated the inspirational reminder anyway.

The newsletter provided the weather forecast, the day’s culinary delights, evening entertainment as well as available spa experiences and guided outdoor excursions. With 48 attractions awaiting us including 7 pools, 10 saunas, a Vital Garden and the vast wilderness of the Alps just outside the door, we were thankful to receive recommendations.

Upon finishing our drinks, we were greeted by Lisa whose charisma glowed as warmly as the fireplace. She wore an adorable dirndl befitting the hotel’s Alpine character. We followed her to our room through hallways adorned with traditional Tyrolean accents. Every attempt she made to point out the resort’s amenities along the way proved futile. Our attention kept wandering from one lovely decor piece to the next.  

The Romantic Fire Suite at Hotel Quelle
The Romantic Fire Suite at Hotel Quelle ensures sweet Alpine dreams.

Our room was called the “Romantic Fire” suite. One step inside and it was easy to see why. Stylish Alpine detail, relaxed furnishings, soft mood lighting, a minibar and a crackling virtual fireplace gave the room an air of refined intimacy.

From the balcony, mountains loomed over the resort offering us breathtaking beauty at a moment’s whim. The soothing sound of a rushing waterfall not far away promised us the most restful sleep in ages. Nearby, a private hot tub tempted us, but dinner time was approaching so we resisted its pull until later in the evening.

We walked back into the room and found our luggage sitting neatly in the room’s closet. Our jackets from our car were hung for us and even items we previously purchased on our trip cordially set out. All we had to do was change into our evening attire.

From Forest to Fork

Hotel Quelle Dining Area

Dining at Hotel Quelle we found isn’t so much an event, but a journey. Each night, Hotel Quelle’s chefs and wait staff greeted us as if joining them in their own homes. The joy they took in guiding our senses through delectable Alpine and Italian gourmet cuisine was infectious throughout our stay.

The tables swooned with romance. Elegant settings paired with swaying candle flames and soft music encouraged whispering nothing but sweet nothings every evening.

We began each night by speaking with Hotel Quelle’s resident sommelier, Akos Joo. His wine knowledge was astonishing. With 10,000 bottles in the hotel’s wine cellar, Akos’s advice in making a selection was invaluable. Plus, every time we spoke with him we came away a little wiser about wine.

Kate enjoying a glass of wine at Hotel Quelle
Hotel Quelle’s wine cellar holds a treasure trove of 10,000 bottles of vinous beauty.

When we requested he surprise us with a white from Elena Walch, a wonderful winery we had previously visited, he returned with their “Beyond the Clouds”. We could not have been happier. It was a bottle we had been wanting to try for quite some time.

The hotel’s salad buffet was like discovering a bounty of fresh goodness from the forests, gardens and pastures of the local area. The soup of the day was also always a pleasant surprise. We delighted in unfamiliar flavors of crayfish, oxtail and liver dumplings. Yes, it’s possible to delight in liver.

Kitchen staff preparing dessert at Hotel Quelle

The second courses were masterfully prepared and so artistically presented that it almost seemed wrong to disturb them with a fork. Flashes of creativity were apparent in every dish. 

For us, deciding between South Tyrolean or Italian cuisine was too challenging so we took turns. One of our favorites was South Tyrolean potato ravioli stuffed with rosemary ham on asparagus and “Bozner” sauce. Bozner sauce we learned is the kind of down-home kitchen magic South Tyrolean grandmas know by heart. It’s a delicious local delicacy made with eggs, mustard, salt, pepper, chives and butter.


After the second course, we faced even more challenging menu choices. Each night Hotel Quelle prepared four main course options. Two of these were meat dishes such as Black Angus steak, rack of lamb, pork, veal and duck breast. Seafood and vegetarian dishes like grilled king prawns and potato pumpkin stew comprised the other two.

Hotel Quelle cuisine

We both tried the meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes and found them all to be heavenly from the first bite to the last. But the one whose flavors stole our hearts was the South Tyrolean spinach dumplings (also known as spinatknödel) with Gorgonzola sauce and glazed grapes.

We’ve savored knödel dishes throughout South Tyrol, but the wonder Hotel Quelle set before us was particularly rich and delicious. The drizzled Gorgonzola perfectly infused a creamy, tangy Italian touch into a hearty Tyrolean favorite that was nicely offset by the juicy kiss of the glazed grapes.

By the time we made it to dessert each night, we gave each other a look of concern. Could we possibly still have room? But our worries melted away whenever we saw the scrumptious delights waiting for us. After enjoying so much amazing food, it would have been just wrong to walk away from the table before the finish line. So we stepped up to the plate so to speak and never regretted it.

Desserts at Hotel Quelle

One lavish treat we both cherished was actually a first for us. Buchteln is a marmalade-filled pastry of the sweetest order. This traditional South Tyrolean concoction was served to us with a vanilla sauce that we could not get enough of.

The deliciousness of our evenings continued each morning with a plentiful breakfast buffet flush with fresh pastries and breads, homemade jams, local cheeses and meats, berries and juices. As if that wasn’t enough, tasty made-to-order dishes were also whipped up in an open-air kitchen.

Chasing Cowbells & Waterfalls

Kate looking at the waterfalls of Hotel Quelle
A river runs right through the grounds of Hotel Quelle.

Our first morning at Hotel Quelle began the same way our first night ended: relaxing in the hot tub on our balcony. Afterward, we ate a quick breakfast and decided to walk the property. We ventured out of our room to seek out the waterfall whose symphonic splashes sang us sleepy melodies all night.

A rushing mountain stream nearby offered us a pretty good clue. We followed the morning sun bursting off its surface and were soon at the foot of a wide waterfall. Further up we could see two more sending a cascade of Alpine purity from some distant peak.

Near the stream, we could hear a slight, gentle clang of cowbells coming from over a hill. We were not about to miss a chance to befriend cows in this fairytale land so we raced up into a meadow that yawned into the mountainside.

Cows grazing in a field at Hotel Quelle

A small gathering of cows grazed unmoved by our enthusiasm. Beyond them, the valley stretched for miles until revealing the stony summits of the Dolomites.

We lingered admiring the idyllic scenery for a bit then strolled down the hill back to Hotel Quelle. Our next walking adventure was in the Vital Garden.

Here, we went barefoot on a winding Kneipp path. This unique hydrotherapy treatment originated in the 19th century thanks to the naturopathic research of Sebastian Kneipp, a Bavarian priest.

Kate admiring the ponds of Hotel Quelle

The treatment involves walking over pebbles and stepping into shallow baths of alpine water. The stones massage the soles of your feet while the swings between cold and heat improve blood circulation in the legs. We found it a fascinating way to harness the mountain.

After a couple of laps around the Kneipp path, we spent the rest of the morning laying poolside. Letting the autumn sun warm our bodies was divine.

One of the many wonders of Hotel Quelle is that no matter where you are — whether lounging or exploring the grounds — the soothing sound of rippling water is all around. We didn’t realize how spellbinding water can be until its curative powers were at the heart of our surroundings.

Kate walking Hotel Quelle's Kneipp Path
Kate taking a spin around Hotel Quelle’s Kneipp path.


Nothing Sweeter than a Hotel Quelle Massage

The afternoon began with a trip to the lunch buffet. We were not all that hungry yet, but the aromas emanating from the kitchen were too enticing to ignore. Besides, when you feel like a guest in someone’s home, it’s just plain rude to turn down a meal.

Despite the appetizing spread, we made our time at the table short. Showing up late for a spa appointment is an even greater sin than skipping a meal in our book.

When selecting massages the previous day, we must have been going through sugar withdrawal. We browsed 20+ available massages but settled on a back massage with South Tyrolean honey and a full-body hot chocolate massage. Both were as sweet as they sound.

Hotel Quelle Massage Room
Hotel Quelle masterfully creates the most relaxing settings.

Simply laying in the massage rooms would have been enough to induce a deep state of relaxation. Warm wood walls gently lit by a Himalayan salt lamp summoned a calming Alpine spirit. A flower in full bloom graced our eyes while lying face down on the massage table.  Once the masseuses began, our sense of calm transformed into something more. A deep peace.

When we awoke to reality an hour later, we were glad our hiking excursion was not until the following day. Trekking in our trance-like state would have been like walking through molasses.

Delighting in Simple Pleasures

Baking bread at Hotel Quelle
Hotel Quelle invites guests, big and small, to partake in age-old South Tyrolean traditions such as making bread from scratch.

Ensuring we took it easy the rest of the afternoon was made even easier by Hotel Quelle. A traditional bread-baking demonstration was on the activities calendar. Watching bread bake was the exact speed we were looking for.

The demonstration took place next to the hotel’s outdoor infinity sport pool. Just the sight of the sun glimmering off its cerulean water enlivened us a bit. We made plans for a dip immediately after our Tyrolean bread baking lesson.

While making bread is a simple joy in itself, the real fun was in watching youngsters roll and knead the sticky dough into semblances of loaves. The kids were transfixed by the whole process. We were too once the opening of the outdoor oven swallowed our creations. Medieval in size and manner, the oven had to be a former resident of one of the castles we passed on the way to the hotel.

The St. Christopher Chapel at Hotel Quelle
The St. Christopher Chapel of Hotel Quelle

Behind the oven stood Hotel Quelle’s own chapel dedicated to the patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher. We wandered inside to marvel at this quaint adornment of the hotel grounds.

The sun streamed through stained-glass windows bathing the interior in amber and blue hues. A magnificent iron cross hand-forged by a faithful soul hung above a worn wood altar. Left of the cross was an ornate statue of St. Christopher and to the right the Virgin Mary.

While small, the careful craftsmanship evident throughout the chapel matched the loving reverence found in any cathedral. Taking a few quiet moments inside is as relaxing as unwinding on a poolside lounger.

Enjoying the Revivifying Waters of Hotel Quelle

VIew of the mountains from Hotel Quelle's outdoor pool

Venturing into the infinity sport pool at Hotel Quelle is like making a grand entrance into a translucent ballroom. The pool begins indoors with steps leading down into the water.

Two doors then slide open automatically when sensing your presence. The only thing missing is applause once you wade in!


We spent our time in the pool leisurely lapping back and forth. The water temperature was just right. When needing a break we sat at the pool’s edge enjoying the quiet beauty of the chapel and a rustic mill tucked among flowers, evergreens and boulders born from the slopes beyond.

Kate enjoying the infinity pool at Hotel Quelle
Seven sparkling pools await guests at Hotel Quelle.

After our time in the infinity pool, we explored the other pools and jacuzzis situated on the other end of the hotel. The views on this side were even more impressive.

We could have sat all day in a hot tub facing the rugged mountain splendor under the spell of the late afternoon sun. It was hard to imagine a more perfect Alpine scene. But on the following day, Hotel Quelle made sure we found it.

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Hiking the Mountains of Val Casies

Hiking to the Uwald Alm in Valle di Casies
Peaceful hikes surround Hotel Quelle. In fact, Valle di Casies is known as the “Valley of the Huts” as so many of these rustic retreats dot its Alpine meadows.

Our third day began with another soak in our room’s hot tub. Clearly, a morning ritual was taking shape. After another hearty breakfast, we met a handful of other guests in the reception area to elevate our Alps experience…literally.

Sitting atop a mountain high above Hotel Quelle is the resort’s own chalet called Uwald. Each week the hotel’s guides, Barbara and Luca, lead hikes to this rustic gem perched at 6,700 feet. Beyond enjoying jaw-dropping views, guests are also treated to a traditional South Tyrolean meal prepared in the open. 

We all hopped in a transport van that dropped us off at the trailhead in Santa Maddalena village near Hotel Quelle. Luca gave instructions for the hike to the group in German and Italian. As we set off up the path, he thoughtfully came over to us and shared the details in English.

A mountain panorama while hiking with a group from Hotel Quelle

On both sides of the path, we adored green pastures sprinkled with wildflowers and cows basking in the sunlight. Farmsteads in perfect postcard pose greeted us.

They looked peaceful and motionless from afar, but as we approached, the hard work of making a living off the land became ever more evident. Stacks of wood and feed framed by tractor tracks tunneling into the mud told tales of South Tyrolean sweat and toil. Winter was coming.

Stands of pine and larch eventually overcame the verdant greenery as we began winding up the mountainside. The sun’s rays fragmenting through the canopy no longer eased the morning chill. That was fine by us. The steepening trail kicked on our own furnaces. Catching a cool breeze was now welcome.

Autumn colors in Valle di Casies
Each step up the mountain was like walking deeper into autumn.

We chatted with a few other guests along the way. For many, Hotel Quelle was their destination of choice each year. This didn’t come as a surprise. The genuine hospitality, novel amenities, abundance of activities and warm ambiance of Hotel Quelle fosters a feeling of belonging that is rare in our experience.

Over an hour into the hike, we paused to let a mountain biker pass and catch our breath. A clearing in the trees offered up all of Casies Valley below. This was our kind of workout: totally immersed in a bird-sung forest with pure mountain air and epic views as the reward.

Lunch at Uwald Hut

As we continued our ascent, the trees began to thin out. An Alpine meadow gradually unfolded before us. The melodic clang of cowbells dinged ahead.

We rounded a corner and met our hoofed musicians who kept their noses to the mountain. The merry band of moo grew as we arrived at the Uwald chalet. Luca was already tending to a large grill warming up under a fire.

We took a seat on rocking wooden loungers with the other guests on a porch overlooking the cows and the valley. The peaks of the Dolomites tantalized in the distance. The stunning view held our gaze for more than a moment. But enchantment alone cannot quench thirst so we turned our attention to a pitcher of Edelweiss-infused water. Its subtle sweetness did the trick.

A man sporting a traditional Tyrolean hat and holding an accordion suddenly appeared at the edge of the Uwald. Where he came from we did not know. But looking back, we are certain he arose from the mountain itself as some sort of elemental gift to us weary hikers. His delightful playing during the duration of our visit inspired an even more jovial atmosphere.

Uwald Chalet in Valle di Casies
Savoring mountain views, meals and Tyrolean melodies at Hotel Quelle’s Uwald Chalet.

The lunch we enjoyed inside the chalet was the perfect culinary companion to the hike. It consisted of grilled sausage, chicken, beef, potatoes, polenta and zucchini all washed down by ample amounts of Vernatsch.

Afterward, we relaxed a while longer on the loungers taking in the serene view and letting the mountain meal settle. Barbara soon came by with a big smile offering us a shot of help. She had a bottle of Schnapps in hand. We were reluctant at first, but she jokingly informed us that at these heights Schnapps is no longer alcohol, but medicine! Put that way how could we resist?

The view from Uwald Chalet towards Hotel Quelle
The view towards Hotel Quelle.

Once our legs recovered for the adventure down, we hopped back on the trail towards Santa Maddalena. The descent was a feast for the eyes as we watched the valley swell with each step.

When we reached our starting point, the afternoon sun was illuminating autumn’s full glory. Continuing trekking to the hotel instead of catching a ride in the transport van was the obvious choice.

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Where Alpine Italy Meets Hawaii

Event sauna at Hotel Quelle
“Aufguss” is a sauna tradition not to miss while at Hotel Quelle.

Back at Hotel Quelle, we decided to don our spa robes and explore the resort’s themed saunas and relaxation rooms. While reviewing the hotel newsletter earlier at breakfast, an upcoming sauna infusion noted as “Tropical” caught our attention. Hotel Quelle’s spa manager, Andrea, had previously mentioned that sauna infusions are a sensory experience not to miss.

Alpine wellness comes in many forms. For some, it’s as simple as unwinding with eyes closed in a remote mountain setting. For others, it’s scaling a craggy cliff always one slip away from death. And for others still, it’s roasting in a blazing hot sauna inhaling steam from exotic healing oils and herbs with dozens of other naked people while loud music and clapping pulsate all around you.

Sound intriguing? It is. Welcome to the sauna practice called “Aufguss” (German for “infusion”). The Tropical Aufguss we participated in at Hotel Quelle took place in their Infinity Show Sauna. We arrived a few minutes before the event and found the sauna nearly full of guests.

View from the window of a sauna at Hotel Quelle

We had no idea it would be so popular. As we squeezed in on a bench, the “Aufgussmeister” arrived wearing a bikini top with a flower lei and a grass skirt. 

She closed the sauna door and explained to us in German and Italian the ritual she was about to perform. We ascertained that it involved setting snowballs infused with special oils from Madagascar on the sauna stove. We also caught that if the heat became too intense we were free to leave at any time.


The Aufgussmeister then began to dance around the stove as the sound of maracas filled the sauna. We all recognized the song immediately and began to bounce to the 70s classic “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry. The Aufgussmeister released the snowballs on the stove directing the fragrant steam toward us with the rhythmic wave of towels and fans.

With each of her gyrations around the stove, the heat intensified reaching 90+°C (194+°F). The Beach Boys “Surfing in the USA” came on next followed by DJ Antoine’s “Ma Chérie” at which point everyone was clapping to the beat. By the time the show finished, we could barely see through the sweat beading down our foreheads.

Snow Sauna at Hotel Quelle
The Snow Sauna at Hotel Quelle is the first of its kind in South Tyrol.

As recommended, we rinsed off in a shower outside the sauna and then darted into the Snow Sauna, a cooling sauna experience unlike any other in South Tyrol. Powdered snow and ice crystals enshrouded us from all sides. The temperature hovered around -10°C (14°F). We were in a posh ice cave that Ötzi the Iceman would have envied.

Enduring such large swings from hot to cold produces health benefits, including boosting metabolism and promoting better blood circulation. We found the frigid blast rather enjoyable and recommend everyone try it while at Hotel Quelle.

We wrapped up our sauna excursion by sitting in the Water Mill Sauna. As its name suggests, a wooden water mill is at the heart of the experience. It was quite comfortable at 65°C (149°F), allowing us to slowly soak in views of the pond in the Vital Garden and the surrounding mountains.

A Long Goodbye

Kate admiring the flower-draped balconies Hotel Quelle Nature Spa Resort

Our last morning at Hotel Quelle came much too soon. We tried to slow the start of the day with another visit to the hot tub. If only we could pack our new morning ritual into our suitcase.

The mountains outside our room seemed to have moved in closer overnight. The waterfalls more alive. Why is it that when you have to leave a place that has captured your heart it somehow becomes even cozier? The gods of travel like to play the cruelest tricks.

We made our way to the breakfast buffet and took our time savoring every bite and sip. Glancing at the hotel newsletter, we saw that a festive celebration in traditional South Tyrolean fashion was taking place in the evening. We were going to miss it. Clearly, the gods were to be extra cruel on this day. We comforted ourselves with few a more krapfen to soften the sense of loss.

After saying goodbye to Manuel and his team, we headed to our car with a yellow rose in hand, a touching departing gift. A card caught our eye from under the rear window wiper. It bid us farewell stating that our windshield had been cleaned so that we may always see clearly for a safe journey back home. But we were not going home.

Our next adventure in South Tyrol was going to be at the iconic and ever-majestic Lago di Braies. Exploring such a renowned natural treasure was the only worthy follow-up to our stay at Hotel Quelle.


Tips for Your Stay at Hotel Quelle

Hotel Quelle stone pine aroma ball

Here are our top tips and pointers for getting the most out of your stay at Hotel Quelle:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early for the scheduled sauna infusions (Aufguss) to make sure you get a seat where you wish. Also, consider sitting next to the door if you’re concerned the heat may be too intense.
  • Take the advice of Hotel Quelle’s sommelier, Akos Joo, and allow him to surprise you with a unique wine. With 10,000 bottles in the hotel cellar, there is surely one you have not tried before.
  • Go on a tour of the Spa World as soon as possible during your stay. This will ensure you do not wander aimlessly looking for the right experience.
  • Participate in group hiking excursions such as the weekly hike to the Hotel Quelle’s Uwald chalet. Beyond the joy of immersing yourself in natural beauty, you’ll have fun getting to know the other guests.
  • Be brave. Relax in the Snow Sauna and walk the Kneipp path in the Vital Garden. You’ll be surprised at how reinvigorating both can be.
  • Sleep with your balcony door cracked open. This will ensure the sound of waterfalls becomes your nightly lullaby. 
  • Don’t forget to glance up from your bed at night. A galaxy of soft glowing stars will make your evening even more romantic. 
  • Review the activities board in the reception area at the beginning of your stay to make sure you’re aware of what is available to you every day. 
  • Browse the spa treatments on Hotel Quelle’s website before arriving so you can book your treatments right away. A tablet in your room makes scheduling an appointment a simple matter of pointing and clicking.
  • Download the Hotel Quelle app to your phone to easily view outdoor activities available and huts nearby.
  • For dinner and breakfast, you will sit at the same assigned table during your stay. During lunch, you can sit in other areas. We recommend the sitting area by the infinity sports pool so you can soak in the landscaping, fountains and outdoor decor.
  • If you are unsure of how much time to spend at Hotel Quelle, always opt for longer. With so many activities, treatments and experiences available, you’ll leave wishing you had more time.
  • For a more private retreat and wellness experience, consider booking an apartment in Hotel Quelle’s new Chalet Salena or the Steinmair family’s newest property: Fontis Luxury Spa Lodge.  
  • We stayed during autumn, but if you’re pining for a winter holiday the location of Hotel Quelle makes it perfect for snow-filled adventures in South Tyrol.


If you’re looking for more information on vacationing in South Tyrol, then access step-by-step hiking instructions, money-saving tips and more through our South Tyrol + Dolomites Travel Guide. See you on the sunny side of the Alps!

We’d like to thank the Steinmair family and their entire team for making us feel so at home at Hotel Quelle! And we’d like to congratulate them on winning the 2019 Trivago Award as the best 5-star hotel in Italy!


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    • Thank you so much Alexandra! Glad you enjoyed our review. It is great to hear that it has inspired you to consider returning to Hotel Quelle. If you have any questions that come up, just ask!

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    • Hi Linda – Glad we could help you discover Casies Valley and Hotel Quelle! Hope you get a chance to visit.

  9. We have not visited Tyrol. Your descriptions sound lovely. And we love mountain lodges! Wow – 48 attractions including 7 pools and 10 saunas. Hotel Quelle looks gorgeous and the food is so artfully plated. I would have gone with the seafood. IT all sounds so idyllic.

  10. Ohhh.. It sounds like an amazing hotel. The interior does look very lovely (your room doesn’t look like a hotel at all!) and I love the surroundings.. Looks picturesque! The bread-baking class looks like a lot of fun too! 🙂

  11. You’re in a paradise! I can’t believe there’s a snow sauna. Though, given a chance I would always choose the warmer type haha

  12. I love hiking in the alps but never really done this area. Can see myself staying here and looks like the ideal base. Also the fact that after a days hike the food looks great and there is a spa to relax and sort ou tmy muscles.

  13. I love that they brought you the bottle of wine you had been wanting to try! It sounds like they thought of everything a person could ask for during a stay here. Your writing style is very descriptive – it is so easy to envision exactly what it is like!

  14. Hi Kate, the pictures look amazing, especially the ones with pool and mountain view. You guys must have had a dream stay at Quelle.

  15. My German partner really loves Italy <3 I'll let him read about Hotel Quelle, I'm sure he'll love it! I'd love to test the water in the infinity pool – lemme see if it's just right for an Asian! Hahhah. Italy always serve the best dishes, I'd love to eat the Buchteln righhhttt now! Wonderful photos, Kate is super stunning!

  16. Yes I love being surrounded by the mountains.
    Mountains always make everything epic. Sleeping with the sounds of waterfalls must be peaceful. The closest I can compare is when I stayed in the Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland. We slept with the sound of the North Atlantic Ocean crashing against the shore. This is a beautiful spot and they would have difficulties getting me to leave.

  17. The pool with the automatic doors is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. They should definitely add applause! That’s totally true about alcohol at height, it’s all medicine. At least that’s what my mountain friends tell me. Aufguss sounds like a truly unique experience, and a fun one at that! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Oooh, I absolutely love the mountain lodge ambiance! 😍 I can only imagine what an amazing sleep you had with the waterfall sounds so close to you! Wow! Full body hot chocolate massage? Heavenly! I, too, would have had a hard time saying goodbye to such an incredible place!

  19. I want to book a stay at Hotel Quelle rights away! Your post reminds me, that you do not have to travel far to have a unique experience. I live in Berlin and love the mountains – and this place seems perfect! And thanks for the mouthwatering Knödel pics.

    • Thanks Natascha for the comment! Hotel Quelle is very popular with Germans since it’s so close. We met many that visited the resort each year. Hope you book your stay. You’ll love it!

  20. Wow! Just wow. The view from the hotel itself makes this place worth staying and soaking in natures love while in lap of luxury! You painted such a dreamy picture of the place with your words and then that picture of the chapel – loved this post thoroughly!

  21. Looking through your stunning pictures makes me want to sing the Do Re Mi Fa song and dance around the green pastures. I would really love to stay at Hotel Quelle and explore the South Tyrol. I’ve heard so many people raved about it. My fave picture is the quaint St. Christopher chapel. It’s just too beautiful! 😍

    • Hi Debbzie – Thanks for the comment! We loved the addition of the chapel to Hotel Quelle. It has such a peaceful presence.

  22. This place looks incredibly amazing! I could only imagine what the actual experience was like when you go to the sauna and relaxation rooms. Sounds like pure bliss!

  23. One of my favorite parts about this blog your almost romantically descriptive use of language. I feel like I’m diving into a novel and really connecting with South Tyrol (and traveling with you through a living postcard).

    • Thank you so much Reese for this nice compliment! We are thrilled that we are able to help you experience and connect with South Tyrol through our blog!

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