Echoes of the Forest: Experience My Arbor’s 5-Star Treetop Sanctuary in South Tyrol


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My Arbor Hotel in Brixen during sunset.
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My Arbor Plose Wellness Hotel isn’t just another luxury mountain retreat; it’s an enclave of enchantment, a sanctuary where the boundaries between earth and sky blur, lifting you into a world beyond the ordinary. Here, amidst the echoes of the forest, a symphony of wonders, grand and subtle, invites you to unplug from it all.

Our most recent autumn escape to South Tyrol brought us to one of the most beautiful treehouse hotels in the world. As unabashed woodland lovers, we could not wait to stay at My Arbor and share our experience with you.

Tucked in a pine-fragrant forest high above the oldest town in South Tyrol, Bressanone (Brixen), the journey to My Arbor Hotel is like a rite of passage, a winding road up Mount Plose that urges you to leave behind the familiar and enter a realm where nature reigns supreme. Each twist and turn reveals a new panorama brush stroked into life by the mountain.

As you ascend, the hustle-and-bustle charm of Bressanone fades below, gradually replaced by the quiet rustle of boughs bending in the breeze. You expect to catch glimpses of My Arbor under the dense canopy of forest, but the hotel remains elusive. And then, as the final curve unfolds, My Arbor emerges. It seems to float in the forest as if cradled by the pines — an architectural mirage that instantly evokes a sense of harmony and belonging. Gazing up at the hotel, you wonder if the forest itself whispered its blueprints to the architects.

Naturally Immersive

my arbor hotel south tyrol italia
My Arbor Hotel is held aloft by 66 pillars that seem to have been borrowed from the very trees surrounding it.

My Arbor’s poetic ode to nature’s majesty continues on the inside. Walking in it’s instantly evident you are in a place of profound connection and tranquility. Every beam, every adornment, every pane of glass has been designed to complement the beauty of its surroundings — almost as if the hotel were a natural extension of the mountain. Such thoughtful craftsmanship induces a sense of calm and awe all at once… especially when you waltz over to the check-in counter. Before you lies a giant of the forest. Its immensity makes you think perhaps the hotel was built around this fallen spruce.

Upon check-in at My Arbor, the hotel staff invites you to relax with a beverage on the hotel’s primary terrace as they attend to your luggage. From this vantage point, the grandness of My Arbor multiplies tenfold. A sweeping vista of South Tyrol’s Sarntal Alps unfurls before you presenting a breathtaking panorama that remains a constant companion during your stay.

my arbor hotel interior design view

When we arrived at My Arbor and settled into a spot on the terrace, we were greeted by the day’s final act: a sunset. It ignited the mountainside with a blaze of amber and rose hues, kindling a welcoming spectacle we’d never forget.

This masterpiece of eco-luxury wasn’t created overnight. The visionaries behind My Arbor, the Huber family, have local roots that run as deep as the surrounding trees. After years of successfully operating multiple restaurants in Bressanone, Markus and Renate Huber, were inspired by the concept of a treehouse hotel on Mount Plose. Seeing the magic such a novel retreat could bring to South Tyrol, their dream ultimately blossomed into My Arbor, which opened in 2018.


Elevated Vibes

my arbor hotel room

Even inside My Arbor, you’re never truly away from the soulful presence of the forest. Each corner echoes with the artistry of the woods. From the soothing scent of pine, which entrances you in unexpected places like the elevator, to the enthralling woodwork all around, you continuously feel a bond with nature. Somehow, My Arbor has crafted more than ambiance, they’ve conjured a quiet conversation with you and the timeless spirit of the wilderness.

When we encountered the timbered doorway to our room, it felt like we were stepping into our own personal treehouse. It aroused both a sense of nostalgia and enchantment. Almost as if were were merging childhood dreams with adult luxuries. Was there a secret knock to enter? No, our electronic key did the trick.

my arbor hotel room kate

The room itself reflected the rustic elegance of the Alps. Warm wood-clad walls met the soft glow of ambient lighting, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility. Expansive windows and a balcony offer panoramic views of the surrounding canopy, making you feel sheltered and connected to the vastness outside. Our favorite detail was a cozy window-side nook that was the perfect place to cuddle up with a book or each other.

Here, amidst the treetops, you will find it easy to let the outside world fade away. Falling asleep listening to the wind rustle through the leaves is a lullaby only crashing ocean waves can rival. And when you are ready to wake up from your slumber, it will seem as if the mountains are playfully peeping through your window. In other words, leave the drapes open. You will welcome the intrusion.

Local Flavors, Global Inspirations

my arbor hotel restaurant

The dining area of My Arbor cradles you in a cocoon of warmth and charm. The setting is so serene that parting from your table feels like a pull against your wishes even after a feast. Of course, the view doesn’t make it any easier either. A span of floor-to-ceiling windows showcases the majesty of the Sarntal Alps beyond the treetops.

Given the Huber family’s illustrious past as celebrated restaurateurs in Bressanone, the depth of culinary mastery at My Arbor is sensational, mirroring the richness of the surrounding forest. Your mornings will begin with a lavish spread of local delicacies, or you can select to have a delicious breakfast made to your tastes in the hotel’s kitchen.

We love our carbs at dawn and the abundance of bread, from crusty artisanal loaves to delicate pastries, was nothing short of heaven. Each was baked to perfection and could be enjoyed with a variety of local jams, alpine cheeses, fresh fruits, and meats. We became rather fond of “Castagnetta di Brezen”, which was a pretzel-style roll made from chestnuts — one of South Tyrol’s most treasured delicacies of autumn.

my arbor hotel dining

Every evening, we walked into the dining area to find a beautifully laid-out table waiting for us. The dining staff we encountered were clearly masters in the art of hospitality, and even better, were a joy to speak with, which always makes a dinner experience extra special in our opinion. While the 5-course dinner menu is a nightly surprise of fare from around the world, it’s not a rigid affair. My Arbor thoughtfully provides an additional menu featuring classic South Tyrolean dishes, allowing you to either augment your meal or opt for an alternative if the main menu doesn’t suit your appetite.

Wines are recommended by My Arbor’s in-house sommelier to complement the 5-course menu, but you also have the option to pluck a bottle from an extensive cellar that brims with choices from the top wine regions in the world. Now, in our case, having been seduced by South Tyrolean wines for years, we without hesitation, selected gems from the region.

The dinner dishes we savored during our stay were an extraordinary fusion of health and flavor, a rare culinary combo that was a delight to devour. Each one was clearly a thoughtful composition by the chefs. Not only were they mouthwatering but also visually appealing — leaving us eagerly anticipating the next creation. So much so that if the neighboring dinner table received a dish before us we couldn’t help sneak a few glances… especially when it came to the desserts.


Exploring the Wonders Around My Arbor Hotel

plose cable car

Having trekked a solid 12 miles daily before arriving at My Arbor, the allure of the hotel’s SPA Arboris — a forest-inspired oasis of saunas, pools, and relaxation rooms — was almost too tempting to resist, enticing us to simply rejuvenate. Yet, after a single night’s rest, we awoke revitalized, and our feet, seemingly with a mind of their own, were itching to hit another trail.

Countless hiking, walking, and biking opportunities lie just outside your door at My Arbor. We opted to embark on a hike on the top of Mount Plose where we could stare face-to-face at the Dolomites’ Geisler Group (Odles). Plus, we thought it wise to take advantage of the BrixenCard, which My Arbor gives to guests at no charge. The card is in essence a pass providing free use of cable cars and more in the holiday region.

Our journey to the summit began with a brief drive to the Plose Cable Car station. Along the way, the sleepy mountain village of St. Andrea (St. Andrä) emerges, its skyline punctuated by a striking steeple. As our regular Throne & Vine readers know, we love history as much as mountain views so naturally a stop at the church was a given. The steeple belongs to the parish church of the village and was first mentioned in 1177. Its grounds also hold the Maria Hilf Chapel, a unique Barquoe octagonal building dating from 1696. Both are worth visiting for a dose of culture before heading into the rugged embrace of the mountains.

hiking plose brixen bressanone
The Dolomites roar just out the back door of My Arbor Hotel.

The new Plose Cable Car zips you to the top of Mount Plose in no time. Once there, you can wander all over the mountain. We decided to hike right into its heart by taking the steepest trail. Ten minutes into our hike SPA Arboris was feeling like it might have been the better choice. But soon, the Dolomites were in full view and the fatigue was replaced with pure awe.

Atop Plose you can admire not only the Geisler Group including the Seceda ridgeline, but also its twin mountain chain Aferer Geisler (Odle d’Eores). Although smaller in stature, this spine of peaks includes the iconic Mount Peitlerkofel (Sass de Putia), which is a hulking formation that soars to nearly 10,000 ft (3,000+ m) and anchors the chain to the north.

After taking in the views, we eventually circled back towards the lift station, but not before grabbing a meal and drink at Almgasthof Geisler, a mountain hut perched with a front-row view of the mountains of the same name.


Wellness in the Wilderness

my arbor hotel outdoor pool kate

Like the rest of the hotel, My Arbor’s sanctum of well-being, SPA Arboris, takes its cue from the enveloping forest and its hidden gems. Walking into the area it’s evident every element — from the calm-inducing lighting to the peaceful sounds and scents to the comfy loungers — was carefully curated with a deep understanding of what the body and soul need.

Whether you visit SPA Arboris early in the morning before your adventures or late in the afternoon after spending part of the day traversing the wild, you will find it a therapeutic escape — a place where you can prepare for future excursions or melt away the day’s exertions. In addition to a variety of relaxation zones, it boasts four saunas and a pool that seemingly stretches right into the mountains. It is large enough for swimming laps, but we found ourselves choosing to simply float into a state of bliss.

my arbor hotel spa arboris kate

Beyond these wellness amenities, the spa caters to your whims, offering individual treatments and holistic packages. You can indulge in healing sauna rituals, divine massages, soothing Ayurveda therapies, bespoke health coaching, and more if you wish. There is even an opportunity to partake in a forest bathing ritual — an intriguing experience we regrettably didn’t get to try but certainly piqued our interest.

If you are keen on more privacy while you relax, you can also reserve cozy wellness cabins that overlook the pristine beauty cascading down Mount Plose. These secluded havens allow you to unwind to the soft whispers of leaves and the distant harmonies of birds and cowbells. And should you drift off and snore a little, rest assured, only the trees will be your audience.

Who Should Book a Stay at My Arbor Hotel

my arbor plose wellness hotel kate

My Arbor Hotel will appeal to couples or a group of friends looking for an elegant yet eco-focused experience that transcends the ordinary mountain getaway. If you are the type of traveler who appreciates jaw-dropping architecture, you will be utterly captivated from the moment you arrive. In all our travels in South Tyrol, we’ve found few places that can master the delicate dance between luxury, design, and the untamed spirit of nature quite as seamlessly as My Arbor does.

The hotel is not a place to vacation with your youngsters. It is an adults-only resort, designed for those who seek a serene escape, free from the delightful chaos that children bring. The evenings here are marked by clinking glasses rather than bedtime stories.


In terms of My Arbor’s location, it is perfect for those seeking to explore the sights of South Tyrol’s Valle Isarco and the Dolomites. In fact, one of our favorite hikes, the Adolf Munkel Trail, is an easy drive to Val di Funes, which also is home to the famous backdrops of the St. Magdalena Church and St. Johann Chapel. From My Arbor, you can be lounging underneath the towering Geisler Peaks in less than an hour. You can also reach the lifts to Alpe di Siusi and Seceda in Ortisei in the same amount of time.

my arbor hotel pool view
My Arbor offers a hushed refuge, a place where time slows and the world moves at your pace.

My Arbor’s perch above Bressanone also places one of the Alps’ most historically fascinating towns right at your feet not to mention one of the world’s oldest wineries. Bressanone brims with charming cobbled streets that tell tales of times long past. Walking through the town is like flipping through the pages of a living history book. We highly recommend strolling through its majestic cathedral. It dates to 980 AD and is a treasure trove of gorgeous frescoes and meticulous wood and stone work. Afterward, find a seat at one of the intimate cafes dotting the cathedral square for some people-watching and cappuccino sipping. Bressanone is as vibrant as it is ancient.

If you are a snow lover, My Arbor also makes for a perfect winter sanctuary. The hotel provides ski-in and ski-out access to Mount Plose, one of the premier ski mountains in the region. In addition, it’s an ideal place to stay to explore South Tyrol’s Christmas Markets. Each holiday season My Arbor offers an enticing package deal that includes 3-nights half-board and a ticket to Bressanone’s celebrated light and music show at the historic Bishop’s Palace.

Of course, you do not have to visit My Arbor during the Christmas season to find a deal. They offer a variety of soul-mending packages throughout the year that will appeal to everyone from honeymooners to couples seeking to rekindle the romantic flame.

We’d like to thank the Huber family for the opportunity to share My Arbor’s magic with you! All opinions expressed in this review are our own.


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