Must-See Wineries & Wine Experiences in South Tyrol

Savor South Tyrol’s Pioneering Wine Culture

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Enjoying South Tyrolean wine in front of Tyrol Castle

Where Beauty and Excellence Intertwine

South Tyrol (referred to as Alto Adige in the wine world) boasts an enthralling wine culture that dates back centuries. This rich heritage is evident everywhere from the vineyards, which sprawl like works of art across rolling hills and steep, sun-drenched slopes, to the bustling wine festivals that animate its quaint villages.

Vintners here laugh in the face of gravity, coaxing life from vines at altitudes that would make other winegrowers in Italy tremble. Their relentless pursuit of perfection at the edge of the sky imbues South Tyrolean wines with a character as profound as the mountains themselves.

However, the wine is only part of the story. The region’s wineries aren’t just buildings; they’re castles, monasteries, and modern masterpieces of architecture that seemingly blend into the landscape as if nature itself had a hand in their design. They have to be seen to be believed.

Like the surrounding peaks, wine is an integral part of South Tyrolean identity and the heartbeat of social life in the region. Traveling here demands more than a casual tasting. It calls for visiting one of its breathtaking wineries, unwinding in a cozy wine tavern, or immersing oneself in the exuberance of a local wine festival. Below we share the wineries and wine-centric experiences we highly recommend.

Sip & Explore in South Tyrol

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