Experience the Christmas Markets & Traditions
of South Tyrol

A Guide to South Tyrol’s Most Enchanting Season

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Vipiteno at Christmas

Vintage Sights, Sounds and Flavors

Exploring South Tyrol during the Christmas season is like walking through an Alpine postcard that’s sprung to life. You’re not just visiting a place — you’re stepping into a snow-dusted dream. Traditional Christmas markets — or Christkindlmarkt, if you want to sound like a local — abound throughout the region’s towns and villages with some even taking place right beneath the Dolomites.

Call us hopeless romantics, but there’s something downright magical about meandering through the pine-fragrant stalls and taking in the aromas of mulled wine and gingerbread dancing through the air. It’s the kind of experience that etches itself into your memory, keeping you toasty warm long after you’ve bid adieu to this winter wonderland.

Below we share the Christmas markets and traditions you will find enchanting and unforgettable in South Tyrol. You’ll be immersed in customs that have been cherished for generations, and you’ll experience a blend of warmth, community, and merry celebration that elevates your Christmas spirit above the mountain peaks.

Christmas Experiences in South Tyrol

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